Currently, around 70% of the active Internet users access it from their smartphones and tablets. On average, every single one of them spends an hour a day browsing the Internet on their phone, most often through specialised mobile apps. Therefore, it would be a mistake to underestimate them as an important marketing tool, as well as a basic platform for the company’s activity. Thanks to mobile apps we may increase sales, gain new customers or build an image of a modern, customer-friendly company.

Advantages of using mobile apps

D2M digital marketing agency designs mobile apps, an efficient tool using the technological potential of modern smartphones and tablets. Not only do the apps support sales, client communication or company image-building, but they may also back work planning or develop the mobile devices’ functionality according to the needs of both employees and clients.


As a digital agency, we develop mobile apps mainly based on native technologies (iOS – Objective C, Android – Java, WindowsPhone – C#), which are more efficient and enable the entire potential of a given platform to be explored. However, sometimes an individual project requires an app that is cheaper and less time-consuming to design, that is why we also develop hybrid apps, using the most efficient tools.

Execution process

Throughout the years of designing mobile apps for different clients, our creative digital team has perfected the project execution process. This allows for the works to progress a lot quicker and the client to be certain that the activities carried out are in line with the initial ideas and goals of the project itself. In the course of the execution process, we prepare detailed outlines of functions and graphics. We may also, depending on the specific client needs and the character of the project, design app prototypes allowing to improve the app’s performance at a very early stage. 

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