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Our journey with the Internet started when it was still difficult to treat this medium as an important marketing tool. Already at that time were we developing websites. We evolved alongside an evolving Internet, discovering its possibilities and shaping its reality. Therefore, we are able to understand the contemporary virtual world much better than our competition. The Internet is our natural habitat. We know not only what it looks like today, but also what changes it has gone through over the years. This allows us to understand the nature of the Internet and to exploit it according to our clients’ demands by designing websites meeting the needs of our changing world.

We understand the Internet users because we think just as they do; however, we also know that our way of thinking has been changing, adapting to the new communication conditions. This enables us to predict the direction in which web design will be heading and to anticipate which websites the users will be most willing to visit when searching for products or services offered by our clients.

We know from experience that it is not enough to blindly apply contemporary standards, but to use them in a creative manner so that targets can be reached in a better and faster way. This is achieved by applying new methods to design websites which are modern and remain that way for a long time, despite the changes occurring on the Internet.

Features and strengths of efficient websites

A well-designed website is:

  • optimised so that it appears among top positions in search engine results when relevant keywords are introduced,
  • leads potential clients to the content they are searching for,
  • user-friendly and intuitive,
  • visually attractive.

The technology we use and develop at all times increases access to content, product and services, as it allows to reach the widest array of potential clients – computer, tablet and smartphone users – through the services we design.

Good functionality helps users to benefit from the content in an intuitive way, increasing the chances to point their activity in the direction desired by the website owners, while at the same time meeting the expectations of potential clients.

Modern and attractive graphic design encourages viewers to browse through a website and stay interested for significantly longer. Moreover, it incites frequent returns to a particular website. An appealing design adapted to the content and the client’s area of business create a positive and reliable brand image in the user’s memory.

What kind of websites and apps do we design?

We design websites which are attractive and efficient, mobile and Internet apps which are functional, and all this while using in-house developed solutions.

Moreover, we are no strangers when it comes to implementing the ready-made technologies of the popular and much appreciated Open Source such as Magento, Wordpress, Drupal etc.

corporate websites • social media • news websites • product and event websites • online shopping sites • content management systems • software (ERP, CRM, DMS, ECM) • user apps • online and mobile games

How we operate while developing websites

The complete execution process consists of website preparation and development, as well as post-implementation support. At every step of the way, clients are granted access into our work, allowing them to supervise our progress and be sure that it is heading in the right direction.

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