Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to reach a wide range of Internet users, it is not enough to place your offer on Internet websites. What you need is publicity on the Internet and good advertising. Undoubtedly the best form of advertising is the SEO (search engine optimization) – positioning a website in search engines.

Why is it difficult to reach clients without optimisation?

When searching for information on the Internet, web users start by typing relevant phrases, or keywords, into a search engine such as Google. Next they click on the links which appear highest in the search results. These websites have the best chance of making their offer seen and of reaching potential clients. Very few users look for content on the following pages, so appearing among top positions in search engine results may guarantee success for a website and win customers from the competition.

Efficient website optimisation requires sophisticated methods and constant diligence of the SEO agency

Search engines have become the most crucial battlefield when it comes to competing for clients. Fighting for the top positions requires constant improvement of methods and tools allowing to win against the competition, most often also trying to apply SEO methods to their website at the same time. This is particularly important when optimising online shopping sites because the competition in this field is especially strong. That is why our team not only adapts websites to search engines, but also successfully conducts a constant battle for the top positions in search engine results, increasing significantly the chance of acquiring the highest number of potential clients. Efficiently optimised online shopping services gain a huge advantage, as well as a possibility to advance at all times.

We are aware of that using unfair methods, those prohibited for example by Google, by some SEO companies is a considerable problem. As a result of implementing such measures, many websites, despite their initial success, fall drastically in the search results due to the engines’ imposing of filters on them. Therefore, in our work as a company providing SEO services, we apply only those methods that yield long-term results, free from such problems, and this determines the value of our efficient SEO services. Warsaw is not an easy market, there is strong competition among the SEO agencies, but our dynamic development and progress is allowing us to gain a constantly growing group of loyal customers.

Our clients’ websites (not only those from Warsaw), optimised by us especially for Google, do experience an increase in traffic and stay among the top positions of search results for the most relevant keywords. This translates directly into a bigger financial success.

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Internet Marketing (SEM)

Our D2M digital marketing team may efficiently raise your website’s number of views by using the possibilities offered by Internet advertising. Thanks to Adwords campaigns a chosen website will immediately appear on top of the search engine results pages, as a sponsored link. We adapt flexible pricing to the client’s needs. 

We also offer conducting efficient mailing campaigns, namely those which generate bigger traffic on the website, build stronger relations with the clients and encourage them to take concrete actions.

planning and conducting campaigns • modelling efficient keywords and phrases • optimising campaigns • reporting and monitoring results • thematic websites and landing pages

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