At D2M interactive agency, we have improved our project execution methods. For several months now we have been carrying out projects using the new Agile management method. Thanks to this, we can finalise our tasks faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, clients are regularly updated on the progress made.

The new methods allow us to avoid work interruptions while carrying out two or more projects simultaneously. We know how to prioritise and where to direct support so that the works can run smoothly, and that you can receive a product of the highest quality.

We are constantly improving and adapting the new methods to the specificity of each individual project. In this way, we strive to establish a model which is the most satisfactory for our clients.

The new methodology of project execution is invaluable especially when big projects are carried out, when changes, improvements and other extensive tasks are implemented all the time. Thanks to the Agile methods, after preparing the project fiches and establishing the execution criteria, all the comments, suggestions and adjustments are analysed by the project manager and assigned to the team in such a way, that all tasks were carried out smoothly, without being overwhelming. This translates directly into quality, for example of websites or web apps. Such solutions are beneficial for clients not only because of their smooth execution, but also because they do not burden the budget when new ideas arise in the meantime. Together we analyse what is most profitable and indispensable for the functioning of a new website, aimed at attracting customers.

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