The key to every project’s success is picking the most suitable solutions. At D2M digital agency we apply standards we have been establishing for years and which improve our work, though we always seek the project’s originality in order to bring out its most significant features.

Needs analysis

We place strong emphasis on the analysis of client’s needs and expectations, which point the best way toward meeting the project’s goal. This enables us to advise the client on which solutions might work best and translate into more inquiries and orders. We base our judgement on our long-term experience, expert knowledge of our specialists and current market research.

Stages of progress

The first stage of designing websites and mobile apps is preparing a functionality outline, which allows us to perfect important elements, making the product user-friendly and ensuring that it fulfils the tasks set out by the client.

Taking this as a foundation, our graphic designers prepare a draft based on functionality and usability, which on the aesthetic side is adapted to the preferences of the target group. In this process, we depend both on the highest graphic design standards, as well as on contemporary trends. This makes a website or a mobile app able do its job for a longer period of time.

The next stage is creating a model allowing to perfect the details of functional and visual elements impossible to feature on the graphic design draft. At the same time, the product’s programme is being designed so that crucial aspects may be polished before the final website or app is brought into being.

Contact with the client

At each stage our digital marketing team is constantly in touch with the client. Hence clients may be sure, that the website or app meets their individual expectations and targets when it comes to even the smallest of details.

Further cooperation

Depending on the client’s needs, the website or app may be further coordinated by the D2M team (i.e. administration, updates, technical support). We also provide services of handling further marketing activities, aiming to promote the product. We lead SEO campaigns, taking care of websites’ high positions in search engine results, as well as adwords and social media campaigns.

Modern project execution methodology

When carrying out a project, we make use of modern project execution methodology, adapted to the specificity of particular orders. In this manner, we are able to run the project a lot smoother and to contact the client more easily, informing them of the progress made at every step of the way, assuring that their goals are being gradually reached.


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