From an interactive agency to a digital marketing agency

D2M digital marketing agency (Warsaw) is a team of specialists who know how to expertly translate client’s needs into the language of the media. We started with the Internet, but following our clients’ suggestions, we have been gradually widening our offer, adding services available today.

Creativity as a tool for efficient web design

Ever since the start of our business, deep knowledge of technology as well as creativity have always been our strengths, enabling us to reach targets quicker and in fact, often cheaper. Such an unconventional approach has made our clients to stand out significantly from the competition, thanks to the websites designed by our creative team. This feature attracted a wider public interested in their product or services.

Our creativity is never art for the art’s sake but its purpose is always to help reach the target set out by the client.

The Internet and much more

Our interactive agency has been changing together with the development of the Internet and the maturing of the advertising market in Poland. Increasingly high expectations the growing advertising market has been setting before us have been a challenge, but one we would always take up with boundless energy and great enthusiasm.

Satisfied clients have encouraged us to widen the range of our services; therefore, now we are able to provide each client with a comprehensive administration in all available communication channels. So far we have designed not only corporate websites, online shopping sites or product sites, but we have also conducted viral campaigns (making promotional and advertising films combining traditionally animated videos with advanced 3D technology), we have created corporate visual identities for both companies and products, designed packaging, folders, billboards etc., we have also organised events and took care of their complex servicing.

The results we have achieved ensured us a long-term cooperation with such demanding clients as for example Orfilame, Unilever, Arval or PGE. We are proud of that as an interactive agency from Warsaw, we have carried out projects not only on the Polish market, but also all over Europe, Asia or South America. These experiences have grounded and developed our knowledge about marketing and the most effective forms of promotion.

Our work methods

A noteworthy impact on the efficiency of our operations has the set of work methods we have been perfecting over the years. This helps us recognise clients’ needs with ease and choose the best methods aimed at meeting targets within a set deadline. Thanks to a verified set of rules regarding project management, the clients are assured that our actions are always heading in the right direction, as they may supervise them at every stage. Our creativity is subject to both targets and fixed deadlines.

Advanced projects

Due to our extensive experience, thorough knowledge and a group of reliable associates, we are able to take up the execution of even the most complicated of projects. The best proof for that are our previous projects, as well as a group of loyal clients.

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