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We are able to set in motion each and every image. We provide top quality footage, prepare 3D animations and special effects as well as traditional stop-motion animations. We have gained full knowledge and sufficient experience necessary to use this form of communication in the most beneficial way to the customer.

As part of video production we organize filming locations, rent studios and select specialists who will best complete every given task. All producers we cooperate with have been engaged in making different Internet, film and television productions.

With the hardware and software we use and professional film studios we cooperate with, we are able to meet any challenge.

We offer audio support for any kind of multimedia projects designed to be played on the Internet, television and in screening rooms.

Together with our partners, we develop our own musical compositions, sound effects and voiceover recordings (both Polish and foreign language speaking voice actors).

commercials • viral campaign videos • interactive videos • streaming video • video news • instructional videos • background music • sound support and special effects • voiceover (Polish- and foreign language speaking voice actors, famous actors)

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